Senate President Stephen Sweeney
Deputy Speaker John Burzichelli
Assemblyman Adam Taliaferro



Job Creation and Small Business Growth


  • In 2017, Senator Sweeney, Assemblyman Burzichelli, and Assemblyman Taliaferro worked closely with fellow legislators and the Governor’s office to reverse the Governor’s decision to withdraw New Jersey from the reciprocal agreement with Pennsylvania under which residents who live in one state and work in the other only pay state taxes in their home state. The withdrawal would have had a dramatic impact, not just on South Jersey residents, but on major employers in the area. Leaving the agreement intact means that residents will not have to worry about significant increases to state income taxes or the loss of any related tax credits, protecting the financial security of the region.


  • Senator Sweeney and Assemblyman Burzichelli supported the “New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act of 2013.” The law allows businesses throughout South Jersey to pursue tax credits that will help them create jobs. It streamlines the process for companies to apply for economic incentive programs and levels the playing field for businesses throughout the state, as it was crafted in such a way to ensure that South Jersey businesses are given opportunities to seek these incentives. 


  • Seeing the need for change, Assemblyman Burzichelli is working on a measure that will revise the current liquor law process in NJ.  The proposed bill creates new liquor licenses for certain restaurants and permits the issuance of additional liquor licenses in certain municipalities. This proposal also would provide tax credit under the corporate business tax and gross income tax for fair market value of certain alcoholic beverage licenses.


  • Led by Senate President Sweeney, several members of the Legislature have begun work on an initiative called “New Jersey: Investing In You” to focus on investing in six areas through legislation: early childhood education, college affordability, world class transportation, “promise neighborhoods” to revitalize communities, public-private partnerships to aid job creation, and retirement security. This initiative will help generate growth and expand economic opportunities with targeted investments that will provide benefits for the people of New Jersey.


  • In an effort to provide more opportunities for job growth, Assemblyman Burzichelli introduced legislation, now law, that establishes a Commercial Driver License Testing Pilot Program to provide for commercial driver license testing by private third party vendors, and requires the Chief Administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to authorize third-party administration of commercial testing on a more permanent basis based on an evaluation of the program. It is expected that this measure will lead to increased employment for commercial drivers because they will be able to be tested more quickly.


Paulsboro Marine Terminal

  • Senator Sweeney and Assemblyman Burzichelli have worked to advance the Paulsboro Marine Terminal, a $247 million infrastructure investment, which will create jobs throughout the South Jersey region.  When fully complete, the Paulsboro Marine Terminal will employ 2,500 full-time workers, including truck drivers, loaders, logistical technicians, warehouse workers, processors, billers and shippers. A wide range of import, export and domestic commodities will be received by, distributed from, or processed by the Paulsboro Marine Terminal. Potential commodities include bulk and break bulk products such as gypsum, salt and plastics, building materials and machinery. Holt Logistics Corporation has partnered with the South Jersey Port Corporation for the construction of the new terminal. The Paulsboro Marine Terminal welcomed its first ship on March 2, 2017.

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