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The Gloucester County Animal Shelter is advising residents to keep their pets safe during Fourth of July celebrations and firework displays.

Director Robert M. Damminger said, “While fireworks may be fun for humans, they may not be as enjoyable to our pets. Cats and dogs have heightened hearing and fireworks can seem like big, scary noises that they need to get away from.” 

The shelter advises dog and cat owners to keep them inside the house during firework displays. Every July 4th, pets that are not secured properly or being watched by their owners, break free in an effort to escape the noise of fireworks. As a result, many animals are lost or injured.

“Keeping your pets inside is helpful to keep them safe, but we do recommend getting their IDs and microchips updated,” suggests Deputy Director Frank DiMarco, liaison to the shelter. “If they do get out, it will be much easier to help find your pets and eliminate the stress that comes with a lost pet.

The GCAS also recommends keeping pets occupied while they are inside in order to distract from the sounds. Giving them a safe area to hide helps the animals feel safe while treat toys, like Kongs, that require a pet’s full attention to play with help keep them and distracted. Ambient noises from TVs or radios also help to mask the noise and help the animal feel comfortable during the display. 

If your pet does run away during July 4th festivities, please call Animal Control to assist in finding your pet at (856) 881-2828 ext. 2 and then press 1 for the non-emergency line.

For more information, visit, visit the Gloucester County Animal Shelter Facebook page or call the shelter at (856) 881-2828.

The shelter’s adoption department is open Tuesday-Thursday 12 p.m.– 7 p.m. and Friday– Saturday 12 p.m.– 4 p.m. An approved application is not required to walk through the kennel, but we do encourage you to fill an application out prior to arrival just in case you would like to meet an animal available for adoption.

Director Damminger would like to remind residents that adoption fees are only $35.00 for dogs and cats 6 years and younger. Fees for animals 6 years and older fee is waived. Adoption includes spaying, neutering, all age-appropriate vaccines and dogs are heartworm tested and microchipped.

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