Senate President Stephen Sweeney
Deputy Speaker John Burzichelli
Assemblyman Adam Taliaferro


Investment and Job Creation


  • Senator Sweeney and Assemblyman Burzichelli were instrumental in the passage of economic recovery legislation that generated approximately $8 billion in capital investment and the creation of roughly 35,000 permanent jobs across the State. This initiative was critically important for the third district. It facilitated the location of multiple new employers to the district, including two food manufacturers, a mechanical components manufacturer, and a major life sciences company.  The legislation also attracted several new projects to the South Jersey region, including the headquarters of a national water utility, the American headquarters of a Fortune 500 automobile manufacturer, and the executive offices and training facilities of an NBA franchise.
  • In 2017, Senator Sweeney, Assemblyman Burzichelli, and Assemblyman Taliaferro worked to successfully reverse the Governor’s decision to withdraw New Jersey from the reciprocal tax agreement with Pennsylvania. The agreement permits residents who live in one state and work in the other to pay their state taxes to the state in which they reside. The withdrawal would have had a dramatic impact not just on South Jersey residents, but on major employers in the area. Leaving the agreement intact means that residents will not face tax increases and New Jersey businesses will not incur difficulty in attracting talent from across the river. Preserving the agreement protects the financial security of the South Jersey region.
  • Senator Sweeney was the driving force behind New Jersey’s new public-private partnership law. The law permits government entities, including school districts, municipalities, and counties, to enter into partnership agreements with a private organization that would assume the financial and administrative responsibility for construction projects. This initiative will help generate growth and expand economic opportunities that will benefit the people of New Jersey.

Paulsboro Marine Terminal

  • Senator Sweeney and Assemblyman Burzichelli have worked to advance the Paulsboro Marine Terminal, a $247 million infrastructure investment, which will create jobs throughout the South Jersey region. When fully complete, the Paulsboro Marine Terminal will employ 2,500 full-time workers, including truck drivers, loaders, logistical technicians, warehouse workers, processors, billers and shippers.
  • A wide range of import, export, and domestic commodities will be received by, distributed from, or processed by the Paulsboro Marine Terminal. Potential commodities include bulk and break bulk products such as gypsum, salt and plastics, building materials, and machinery. Recently, the Paulsboro Marine Terminal, which welcomed its first ship on March 2, 2017, was designated as the New Jersey fabrication facility for a German manufacturer of wind-turbine foundations.

District Offices

Gloucester County

Kingsway Commons
935 Kings Highway, Suite 400
West Deptford, NJ 08086
Phone: (856) 251-9801
Fax: (856) 251-9752

Salem/Cumberland Counties

The Finlaw Building
199 East Broadway, Suite G
Salem, NJ 08079
Phone: (856) 339-0808 or
             (856) 455-1011
Fax: (856) 339-9626