Senate President Stephen Sweeney
Deputy Speaker John Burzichelli
Assemblyman Adam Taliaferro

News India Times – In a historic move, the New Jersey legislature passed a bipartisan resolution declaring January 26, 2014 as “India Day” in the state. The resolution is an indication of the growing importance of the Indian-American community in New Jersey.

Introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula and New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney, the resolution garnered bipartisan support to recognize India’s 64th Republic Day, the day in 1950 when that country adopted its constitution.

New Jersey has a significant Indian-American population which is among the fastest growing ethnic groups in the state making up about 3 percent of the population. Today, there are two elected Indian-Americans in the state assembly.

“I want to thank Assemblyman Chivukula for his continued support and advocacy for the Indian community in New Jersey,” Sweeney is quoted saying in the Jan. 7 release.

“The Indian-American community plays a vital role in our state. It is my honor to congratulate them on the anniversary of India Independence and to declare January 26, 2014 as India Day in the state of New Jersey.”

The resolution credits Indian-Americans with making important contributions to the state in the fields of academics, business, medicine and the arts. It also recognizes India as an important strategic partner of the United States, one that President Obama was willing to support for membership of the United Nations Security Council. It also notes the U.S.-India civil nuclear cooperation agreement and that India is the 13th largest trading partner to the U.S.

The resolution pays tribute to Indian Consul General Dnyaneshwar Mulay, who it says has made a commitment to help strengthen relations with the Indian-American community, New Jersey lawmakers, and members of the administration as part of the outreach program espoused by the New Jersey State Assembly.

In conclusion, the resolution on India “pays tribute to the remarkable growth and meritorious achievements of this great nation and friend and to the contributions and accomplishments of the Indian-American community.”

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